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Portuguese Balconies


Cataplanas are a cooking device made in Portugal that also refers to the technique used traditionally in Southern Portugal for cooking seafood and fish dishes. Similar to a wok or pressure cooker, the cataplana is effective in preserving moisture and flavours. As a pan with a sealable lid, raw ingredients are placed in the cataplana with your choice of liquid be it water, stock or wine then the lid is sealed close. Cooking is rapid (20 - 30 mins for most fish or seafood combinations). Intense aromas and flavours are preserved until the cataplana is served and opened. Our cataplanas are made from high quality copper and tin plated on the inside for efficient cooking. We sell 4 sizes in the Copper Cataplana Flat Bottom range: 24cm (2 to 3 persons), Ø 27cm (3 to 4 persons), Ø 30cm (5 to 6 persons) and Ø 33cm (6 to 8 persons).